The Article Thats Missing…

I can’t count the number of articles I’ve seen where it’s about a dad not being there or about the perfect dad that’s also a husband. 

Where’s the one about the parents that aren’t together and everything is okay? 

Well in the beginning it wasn’t okay but now it is. 

There probably is one but I just haven’t seen it SO ILL MAKE MY OWN. 

TITLE: It’s okay your dad isn’t here all the time. It’s okay that your parents aren’t together. 

Because he still loves you and cares about you and thinks the world of you. Because they are here to make everything in your life perfect and as much normal as possible. 

We try too. 

There are visits from him every month and we are about to take our first ‘family’ vacation together. 

We are normal. 

Life is okay. 

We both love you. 
The end. 
Okay. I could of probably wrote something more in depth and I might while on our trip (12 hours or so in the car) but this will do for now. 

Pucker. Hire me. HIRE ME. SOMEONE. 

My sweet baby. 

The Truth

I was asked to delete my last post because it made a certain person look bad but things have now changed. 

I am tired of feeling like I have no voice. 

Emotional abuse. Happened. 

It normally starts before physical abuse. 

But he wants to press charges against me? 

If only he knew about the full police report. 

He lives in a fantasy world. Where he can do no wrong no matter how many times he apologizes. 

He still thinks he rights. He thought I was trying to work it out and over and over I said NO. NO I AM NOT. 

He changed. And not for the better. 

It’s sad when I’m actually scared for my life. It’s sad that he doesn’t understand that I just wanted to be left alone. I was nice because I was treated like this and I felt bad but doesn’t mean I wanted anything. 

I told him I missed my best friend which in his head is oh we are best friends now. No. NO. 


he acts like we are going through a divorce…. 
I need a breather. 

Why I Don’t Celebrate Fathers Day With My Father…

I have never once celebrated a Father’s Day in person with my dad. Weird right? Not really. It happens a lot sadly. 

My uncle is my father figure and has been all my life. And he continues to be. 

But here we go. 

1. I don’t have too. Does he come to celebrate my birthday with me? Has he met his first granddaughter? Answer: no. 

2. He doesn’t deserve it. Because he was never there for me and the one time I needed him he wasn’t there. 

3. Because I said so. That’s that. 

A lot of kids don’t have dads. Some never even meet theirs. And that’s what’s wrong with this world. 

What Does Every Parent Need???

I bet you thought the first line was going to be the answer.


Its sad to think or know that tomorrow is never promised to you and that something could happen to you and your kids would be left behind.

Life insurance is a big thing to have, even if you don’t have kids, it secures that when you die someone will get funds and if you were to die young (because most young people don’t think that much about death) you will need funeral expenses or could possibly need something paid off.

Now lets take a moment and learn about life insurance…

According to, the best place to acquire life insurance is TIAA Life. Why? The life policy with them can convert to a permanent policy at any moment without any further evidence of insurability.

A few other places on their ‘Top Picks’ is New York Life and Amica Life Insurance.

On they give you an options to compare some places that are closer to you about life insurance which is very helpful if you’re young and have no idea where to even start or look. Also, if you’re a mom of a 8 month old that loves to take your phone so researching is like a no this is very helpful and I encourage you to try it out.

So… you might think there is only one type of insurance but really there is two: term and permanent.

Its pretty obvious (at least to me) what the difference in those two are but term is just for a set period of time and will run out with no value at a set date in time while permanent, also known as whole life, life insurance is for well your whole life! I personally would go with whole life because whos to say someone who might want your insurance might want to you know…by you know date.

Side note: I watch Investigation Discovery too much.

To get more information on life insurance, how it works, where to get it, more information about it, or just even general information PLEASE visit this website:

These wonderful people are constantly on the update about it and this website it very easily navigable and gives TONS of information.

Because I know I want to make sure my family is set up for the future! 

Life, Love, & Happiness…

I can truly say I am extremely happy in my life right now. I can’t believe I’m getting married this November. 

It makes me reflect back to what was going on last year during this time. Which also I’ve almost had this blog for a year! Wow! Crazy! 

I was pregnant last year with my daughter. Thinking everything was going perfect in my life then when really it was going down hill. 

My pregnancy was still a secret at this time to most. Well I hadn’t publicly announced it yet. Her dad was leading me on this lie. It was horrible and now that I’m thinking about it it’s sad. How did I not see the signs or listen to my best friend back then. I didn’t want to believe what was happening. 

Now, I’m planning a wedding, rasing my beautiful daughter, I’m happy for once, and life is finally normal. 

I’m out of the toxic relationship I was in. Feeling I had to show I was dominate when other girls were around, worried I would say the wrong thing and ruin my relationship. Worried he was cheating. Or is he going to break up with me again? Only to come back to me. The worst three years of my life. 

I’ve started a new life. A new me. A new everything. 

If I had to relive it again to get to where I am I would. Because I love my daughter and my fiancée that much. 

My sweet girl will be 8 months this month. 

I won’t be speaking about her dad and his fiancée anymore as much as I would want to vent about a few things. 

We venture to the zoo for the first time tomorrow! 

Life of a Single Mom…it’s gotten better. 

Forgiving and Forgetting…

These past couple of weeks I feel I’ve grown up more. 

I’ve done things I never thought I would do. 

I’ve fallen more inlove with my fiancée which I didn’t realize I could do. I have completely accepted that Abbie is going to have another ‘mom’ (not using the stepmom word because it just doesn’t feel like a family word. Weird?) AND…I have asked her to help me plan the big 1 party for Abbie. 

Reading past post…this is a HUGE step and accomplishment for me. I never thought I could reach this level. It’s weird and I’m trying to making it more normal. Which I don’t really know how to make it more normal. Either way it’s a step in the right direction. 

We will all be spending Easter together since it’s Abbie’s first. Also which is my 24th birthday. Gah. I’m getting old….

I adore and love my fiancée and my wonderful beautiful daughter. 

I honestly can’t wait to have another one. 

Am I crazy? Lol. 

Ending photo: 

My sweet Abbie. 

Time For More Positivity…

There’s one thing I need more in life and that’s positivity. 

First. I kinda like baby daddies fiancée. If I got to know her more we probably realize we have a lot in common (is this weird to say??) I honestly like her more than him. (Also is that weird to say??). Life. 

Two. IM GETTING FREAKING MARRIED. To the man of my dreams. My one true love. The one I know I’m suppose to be with. The one that god made for meeeee! 

Third. I’m a mom. That’s my job. 24/7 365. No days off. I’m absolutely in love with my daughter. She’s my perfect sidekick. She’s just perfection because she’s mine and obviously I would think this. 

Fourth. I’ve decided to say…F*** the haters… please just leave me alone. I don’t need you. No ones needs you. I don’t care that you keep up with my life (if you do?) and that you read this blog. 

Fun fact: it’s not slander when it’s true. 

Fifth. I don’t even know. My life is 100% better. I never thought I would get here this soon. I thought it would take years to get here. I wasn’t even looking to date and bam. I meet the love of my life. Who freaking knew. 

So that’s that folks.