Pregnancy isn’t All Fun & Games

Let’s start this off simple. I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. I found out that I’m having a girl which I am so excited about. Her name will be Abigail Reagan Cooley, taking her fathers last name. She will be a princess and spoiled be loved so much.

With this being first pregnancy I have learned so much. I have learned the emotional points of it, which is not exciting I experience 5000 emotions a day. I have also learned you can’t trust everyone and sometimes not even the father of your child. I have cravings and I feel kicks all the time of her moving around and loving me. I love her so much.

Sometimes I wonder if I should work it out with her father or leave it be. Will I be happy in the end? Will she be happy? I grew up without my father so I’m wanting her to have something different. I mentioned counseling, which he will have to go too because our communication skills are horrible.

I truely haven’t had a great pregnancy, seems like something is always going wrong. I am at a point where I’m done and I don’t know which path to take.

Here’s me & Abigail.

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