Being Fooled for the Last Time…

You know. 

I was giving him so much credit. So. Much. 

But he screwed it up. 

For the last time. 

He couldn’t even wait till after his daughter was born. 

The girl he was supposedly holding hands with before went to California with him and is now in Cleveland with him after his mom passed. 

He even tagged her on Facebook but she has me blocked so I couldn’t see. 

I’m done. 

I’m hurt. 

I packed up his things and I am having my cousins boyfriend drop it off at his place. 

He says not too after I told him I’m not playing these games and that we will talk Sunday. 

I won’t be here. 

I’m headed down to Texas to get away for a few days. 

I’m officially done. 

I’m sadden but in a way released of this drama. 

Pregnant women shouldn’t have this drama. 

They should be happy and having fun. 

I’m done being embarrassed. Being lied too. Missing this jerk. 

15 more weeks till Abigail Sullivan arrives. 

(She will have my last name now) 

My one true supporter. My mom. 

2 thoughts on “Being Fooled for the Last Time…

  1. Your baby daddy is a dumbass. F*ck him for putting some random chick before you and Abigail, and good for you for giving her your last name. He doesn’t even deserve that much. You can totally be an amazing mom without a man in your life, and I think the relationship you have with your own mom is so awesome! Abigail is already so blessed to have you! Keep your chin up – you’ve got this! ♡

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