Clearing My Head…

I’ve been in Texas for a while now.

It’s finally hitting me how much I’m fed up with his actions. Normally I start feeling bad but not this time. He’s screwed up majorly.

I’m done looking like an idiot. I’m done.

I’ve done some exploring around here as much as I can. My ankles keep dwelling and I’m having some other problems that I haven’t told many people about because I didn’t realize it’s signs of a certain thing in pregnancy. Hopefully it’s not that and just my body being weird.

I got some cute things for Abbie at IKEA for her and her nursery. I’m excited to put them up.

I even get to see one of my best friends today, which I am just soooo excited about. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve seen her.

Who knows where else I will go except tomorrow it’s back home. Back home to the sadness and stress of my life but also back home to Sherlock and a new a life. Nothing is staying the same. I’m done.

I could scream that 1000000000 times and could still scream it more.

A pillow I picked up for Abbie. So she knows no matter what to always smile even on the cloudiest of days.

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