Better in the Long Run…

Today, I go to an ultrasound to see my little girl and hear her heartbeat. She only has three more months in the womb and she’s here! 

Ok. I’m like OVERLY EXCITED but also I’m extremely scared because well it’s birth. Birth is scary. Pushing something out of a tiny hole haha scary. 

Today also starts birthing classes at the hospital I’m giving birth at. I am slightly scared because I’ve never been around too many other pregnant women but hey gotta get use to it. 

I’m also excited (you could say) to be a single mother. Abbie is going to get all the love and support she deserves if her father leaves (which who knows?). 

Monday I got the rest of the stuff for our room and now it just needs to be put together. 

She loves to kick me and make me feel love (or pain) but either way she makes me happy. 

I’m already so inlove with my little girl that I think I will cry when I see her for the first time. She is the light at the end of my tunnel. No pun intended.

Positive thoughts. 

Ending photo I choose a quote that I firmly believe in. Because it’s true. I’ve been broken and I loved him more than anything in this world (besides Abbie) but all he did was destroy me. 

2 thoughts on “Better in the Long Run…

  1. Good luck with everything today including the birth classes. Those were essential though I learned a lot more after my babies came. Its largely a warm environment in there, I hope you’ll have someone to go with you for support and to partner up for activities.

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