Early Labor…

Last night I spent a few hours in the hospitals with faint contractions. They are faint but make you uncomfortable and sometimes they are super strong. 

They gave me a test to see if I was going to go into labor in the next two weeks and it showed negative. Thank goodness! I am not prepared yet. 

Yesterday, one of my friends had her baby early (9 weeks early) by an emergency csection because of preeclampsia. That’s something to never mess with. I am very grateful that her little boy is healthy and getting very very strong. It’s not easy for a little one to come early. 

There are so many complications with pregnancy and anything can happen sadly but good news is the best news. 

I should know soon if I have gestational diabetes. I have changed my diet completely and will continue it if I even don’t have diabetes. 

Now dealing with this pain sucks and the bruise from blood being drawn has got worse. 

Sherlock this morning was super concerned. 

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