Pregnancy & Food…

Have you ever noticed, if you were ever pregnant or knew someone who was pregnant, that everything is compared to food? 

I’m already pregnant and you mak me more hungry by comparing my baby in my womb to food and the hole that my baby will come out of to food. 

Everything is about food these days it’s crazy. 

So now with gestational diabetes I want everything I can’t have. It’s ridiculous. 

Things also don’t taste the same sugar free. It’s mostly super gross things and I haven’t found on think I like yet out of the few things I have tried. I need to try more things. 

I am eating so much better and it helps a lot of my hormones stay where it’s not as much I get upset. The medication the doctor put me on for anxiety is helping a lot. It helps me relax better and deal with a lot of things that have been going on since I’ve become pregnant. A lot of things that are hard to go through as a pregnant lady. 

I’ve been called ‘evil’ and tons of other names by guess what? I get to have this bundle of joy in less than 10 weeks and I get to experience to joy of parenthood even tho it be as a single mom. It’s all okay. 

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