Baby Shower Time!!!

In about one month it will be time for the baby shower! I’m so excited and estatic about it! 

I have everything planned and the guest list made which had to have readjusting due to recent events but it should be fun. 

I’m excited to see my actual friends and my supporters (not all because some live far away) but I’ll be more excited because it will be closer to when Abbie is due. 

This next week I meet my Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor and he will do a check up on Abbie. The pain of a large uterus sucks. Everything hurts and sometimes it’s so bad I can barely move or get out bed without being in so much pain. 

Today I got the RH shot which hurt like a mother but it’s needed to keep Abbie safe. 

Abbie is my number one priority. I will do anything for my little girl. I can’t wait to be her mother. I sometimes can’t believe I’m going to be a mom. It seems so unreal. 

I’m seriously adjusting to the single pregnancy/mom life. It’s hard answering the question about ‘Well why won’t the dad be there’… Let’s see, he pretty much abandoned me and my daughter for his own life he oh so needed to live. Inormally change the subject by then to not have to answer the question and save the tears. 

I also met my diabetes doctor today. He’s really nice. I might be put on some medication to help with controlling the diabetes but at least I am not doing shots. Taking my blood sugar everyday will be something to get use too. 

Abbie kicks so much more now and moves around. Soon she will be brought into this world. 

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