Watching What You’re Doing…

Tuesday was the first Maternal Fetal Doctor appointment. It went pretty smoothly for what could have happened. I found out Abbie is almost 5 lbs already when she should be under 4. All because of the diabetes and now we are trying to see with this certain way of eating if it slows it down some. If not I will have to have a csection or get induced at some point. She’s already head down which is awesome! She’s staying right on track with that part. 

I got my blood sugar tester Tuesday too and I really hate doing it already. It completely sucks. I’m so happy I only have 8-9 more weeks of it. 

Last night I was on a hospital tour with my birthing class and blacked out and fainted. It was a crazy out of the blue thing. Luckily it happened in a hospital. I don’t really remember the tour now, but I do remember waking up to nurses all around me in the labor and delivery area. Then they took me over to the labor ER to make sure Abbie was fine because my blood pressure had dropped so it could badly affect her. They have no idea why I blacked out. Abbie is fine, kicking around like normal. I really hope that never happens again. It was extremely scary. 

So much has happened it’s crazy. Now to investigate why I blacked out and be on rest for a few days. I’m completely exhausted now. They are wanting me to add apple juice to my days now to see if it helps. 

So much for a nice third trimester. 

Ready for this little girl to get here. 

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