The Life Before This…

I miss storms. I miss chasing everyday. All day. For weeks. For months. It was in my blood to love to chase weather. Ever since I was a little girl that was the only thing I wanted to do. 

I forget that sometimes now. As I’m getting ready to be a mom, I remember all the chases I had and the fun times with friends and with him. 

In counseling we had to describe our favorite day together chasing to each other and repeat it back. We choose the same day. Wisner, NE. The day we chased after two tornadoes at the same time as they went along together. This is also the same day and same storm as the Pilger, NE day. My adrinaline never ran so high before. The fact of being scared and excited at the same time was crazy. 

All my favorite chase days were with him. I will always cherish those memories we shared together and I plan on telling Abbie about them in the hopes she gets into it like her parents. What I would give to see another tornado in an open field. 

I was unable to chase this year due to pregnancy. It’s fine because my baby will come before anything. One day I might get back out there but not too soon. I have a daughter to raise and to love. 

This first photo was from last year in Canadian, TX. 

The second is of the Wisner, NE tornadoes. 

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