Honestly Can’t Catch A Break…

Sunday night well into early morning Monday I got to spend some time in the lovely hospital. It was not fun. I had a few contractions but there was something else going on. I was getting really sick and I was in such intense pain. My blood pressure was running weird. 

It was a horrible night. I didn’t get out till Monday morning with a jar that I had to collect a certain thing with to test for preeclampsia. 

I spent Monday sleeping and today sleeping. Gaining my energy back is hard while being pregnant. Anything is hard while being pregnant. 

Abbie has started moving more and more each day. Hiccups are so common now with all the water I’m drinking (at least I think that’s why?). 

I haven’t been in so much pain in my life ever but I must always remember I am creating a life and that is a gift. For me a miracle. 

Her dad. He has been seeming to want to step up more. Counseling is going to be continued. I am trying my hardest to forgive but it’s difficult. I will no matter what always love that man. He was the first guy I ever truely fell in love with. Life is going to be okay tho. I am looking to the future with confidence in knowing that someday the guy for me will come along and won’t leave me. 

Anyways. Bed rest has been boring. My life emotional wise is kinda looking up but my life health wise seems to suck now. 

Pregnancy isn’t a cake walk. 

It’s take a lot of dedication. 

In the end tho it’s all worth every year and every fight. 

Meowmeow tries to feel Abbie kick sometimes. 

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