The Due Date…

Today was a normal OB checkup. 

Nothing bad to report for once. 


Abbie could be coming a week early. If everything seems right she will be delivered early. I will be induced and do a natural birth with there only being a c-section if there’s an emergency. This means only five short weeks left. 

She is looking bigger than she should be. All because of genetics. I was a big baby and her dad was a big baby. We were both over 9 lbs so this was to be expected. 

I am overly excited but I’m extremely nervous. Sometimes I still can’t believe I am going to be a mom. It just seems so unreal. I can’t believe my body is growing a human. 

Time to finish up the nursery and get everything else ready for her arrival because there’s also a big chance she could be ready before week 39! 

Bed rest and naps are my new bestfriends and I am okay with this. 

Here’s to motherhood❤️

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