It’s The Holiday Season…

It’s Christmas Eve! 

Today Abbie’s dad is coming in from Texas where he lives to spend Abbie’s first Christmas with her. Since he barely spent time with her for thanksgiving. 

Anyways. Life has been interesting still. He told me he shouldn’t have to beg to spend time with Abbie or let him have a night with her but it’s weird because I keep telling him he needs to spend time with her. He wants two nights a month just him and her. Hmmm nope sorry. You can stay the night and take care of her there because it’s a dirty motel so germs and I can’t spend one night without my baby being right there with me. 

I had to remind him of how he treated me in the past and that I dint trust him because of that. 

His name isn’t even on the birth certificate even after me asking plenty of times if he wanted to do that and he said no. Not my fault. 

Sometimes I just wanna say goodbye and not deal with this situation with him but I have too for Abbie. 

I’m going on a tiredsome rant. 

Happy Holidays from Abbie & me! 

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