What Does Every Parent Need???

I bet you thought the first line was going to be the answer.


Its sad to think or know that tomorrow is never promised to you and that something could happen to you and your kids would be left behind.

Life insurance is a big thing to have, even if you don’t have kids, it secures that when you die someone will get funds and if you were to die young (because most young people don’t think that much about death) you will need funeral expenses or could possibly need something paid off.

Now lets take a moment and learn about life insurance…

According to Review.com, the best place to acquire life insurance is TIAA Life. Why? The life policy with them can convert to a permanent policy at any moment without any further evidence of insurability.

A few other places on their ‘Top Picks’ is New York Life and Amica Life Insurance.

On Reviews.com they give you an options to compare some places that are closer to you about life insurance which is very helpful if you’re young and have no idea where to even start or look. Also, if you’re a mom of a 8 month old that loves to take your phone so researching is like a no this is very helpful and I encourage you to try it out.

So… you might think there is only one type of insurance but really there is two: term and permanent.

Its pretty obvious (at least to me) what the difference in those two are but term is just for a set period of time and will run out with no value at a set date in time while permanent, also known as whole life, life insurance is for well your whole life! I personally would go with whole life because whos to say someone who might want your insurance might want to you know…by you know date.

Side note: I watch Investigation Discovery too much.

To get more information on life insurance, how it works, where to get it, more information about it, or just even general information PLEASE visit this website:


These wonderful people are constantly on the update about it and this website it very easily navigable and gives TONS of information.

Because I know I want to make sure my family is set up for the future! 

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