The Life…

I knew being a mom was not only a huge responsibility but it can be exhausting. 

Feeling the full force of teething and growth spurt at the same time and it’s not pretty. Sometimes you have sleepless nights, you’ll go through everything trying to figure out why they are crying when nothing else works you just do what you can comfort your little one, the nights you’re up every two hours (again) for a bottle. But it’s worth it. I’m riddled with exhaustion but it’s worth it. If you look at me you can see it on my face and in my eyes but I always have a smile because I’m grateful everyday for my little girl. Her life gives me joy everyday. Her smile warms my heart. Her kisses make me feel on top of the world. I never thought it was humanly possible to love someone this much. 

Yes there are frustrations because you get to the point of exhaustion where you just want to collapse and sleep for days but you can’t. Because it’s just you right now. 

Last night at 1:30 AM Abbie woke up crying wanting a bottle but she decided it was time to get up and play. I turned on the tv to see if it would help and it didn’t. It was about an hour of me trying to get her to sleep then she cried for a solid 10 mins because she didn’t want a diaper change and she was tired but fighting it and she didn’t want a bottle or pacifier. I was trying to calm her down and nothing worked. Thankfully my mom came in and took over as I made Abbie a second bottle. I found myself in tears because I felt like I failed. I felt like I failed as a mom because I just got to the point of where I was just too exhausted to function and Abbie knew that but she doesn’t know what she’s doing poor girl. 

Forever grateful for my mom, because without her I would truly be alone raising my little girl. She helps me be the mom I need to be. The one that I want to be. 

A couple months ago Abbie and me did a photo shoot for ICAN or International Cesarean Awareness Network, Arkansas Chapter to raise money for our group. Here’s a few of those photos. 

I’m all about body positive and these honestly show what it’s like to be a mom. No makeup. Hair up. It’s everything I could of hoped and wished for. 

Forever my number one. Forever my word. Forever my one true love. 

As we lay here in bed she’s already snoozing away. I will forever cherish these moments with her. 

This is the life of a single mom. 

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