There comes a time and place where I get told on occasion where I should be grateful for what Abbie’s dad does for her and me. But…should I really be?

Let’s think about it.

I’m a single mom. Should I be grateful that I have to do this alone? (With the help of my mom because without her I’d be lost) Grateful that he actually visits…once a month…because most guys don’t do that with their kids? How about actually stepping up tho? I guess the bar of being a dad is set too low.

Grateful he gives me money each month? Okay yea I’ll give you that but what he gives is a fraction of what the state would make him pay. So again…. but really I am on this one because it does help me out each month.

Grateful he’s even in my daughters life? He’s there part time. I don’t know if this will confuse her more or make her think it’s okay it’s normal for dads to do this and when she finally meets a guy this same exact thing might happen to her? No. I’m definitely going to teach her that no it’s not normal but it’s our normal..sadly.

Incase anyone has forgotten the past, maybe you should go a few blogs back.

And before you ever tell me to be grateful for something I honestly don’t even have to be because trust me TRUST ME I grew up with no father around and no help from him so I get it that life without a dad is hard and sad, understand and put yourself in my shoes.

I feel like I preach about being in my shoes.

I don’t think you’d be grateful for having to work a full time job and then be mom so working at least 80 hours a week with maybe some sleep if you’re sick.

But I am grateful for people and things.

I’m grateful for my mom and my aunt and cousins who are there to help me.

I’m grateful for my job.

I’m grateful for diapers and wipes

I’m grateful for pizza and Dairy Queen

But grateful to have a boy come in and out of my daughters life to just confuse her (honestly I don’t even have to let her in his life legally) no. I don’t have to be. Even if other dads suck more oh well!

Rant over?

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