Its The Holiday Season

This week is my baby girls second Thanksgiving and she has enough teeth to eat some turkey!

Its been a stressful past couple of weeks.

Hospital visit to Childrens last week because my poor baby girl was not eating or drinking, barely playing, and had 20 poop diapers…we were there for 10 was not fun..

BUT she seems to be doing better besides allergies and teething.

They said stomach virus but were not fully sure.

Then with the poop we had to battle a diaper rash for a week which was not fun.

BTW a good thing to help soothe your little ones if they have a extreme diaper rash is this Aveeno oatmeal bath stuff. It seemed very soothing to her and it helped clear it up along with Lotruim (normally a foot cream), Aquophor, and this other diaper cream combined. (I can’t spell)

I have been grateful for my mom because shes literally been there for me through this whole thing while dealing with my depression (yay..) Hoping to get some one on one time with her this weekend as Abbie’s father is suppose to be in sometime Friday. I had been planning a Black Friday day with my bestie for a month now. And Its a rare occasion for me to have a day to myself…. I normally only get a few hours but I will have to wait for my mommy day.

My greatest blessing in life is my daughter. I wouldnt know what to do without her.

My father finally got to meet his granddaughter for the first time.

It went surprising horrible…at least in my head lol.

From my knowledge, he was mostly smoking and on his phone the whole time which isn’t cool… Didn’t change one diaper.. and mentioned something about something I probably cant share yet

It was a mess…

I’m back on the dating scene officially..

Waiting to see where life will take me now. Well, take me and Abbie.


Throw back to last year!!


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