Feeling Lost

Today, I feel lost.

I honestly have no idea what to do…

Emotionally I feel so drained and stressed..

I am wanting to get my daughters last name changed to mine..

I originally put her fathers last name as her name because during the time I still had feelings for him and thinking on a chance he would come back into my life I did that.

Now that I have moved on from him and my feelings aren’t there anymore, I am wanting to get it changed to mine.

I feel as tho me being her primary parent, guardian, and the person that doesn’t come in and out her life once a month that it would make sense to do this.

In a way I feel selfish but also in a way I feel like this is the right thing to do.

What if one day he decided to stop coming..or something else happens. I have no idea what do anymore. I am feeling lost like I said…

Opinions are welcomed and kind of needed…

Also, in the event I ever get married I am keeping my last name so no matter what she would still share a name with me.

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