‘Tis the Season.


It’s Christmas again.

Last year around this time I was packing up my house ready for whatever the world was going to bring me or really my move back home to Arkansas. I didnt know what life had in store for me at the time but it was some pretty good things.

But where there is good there is bad.

Unless something major happens between now and end of the year this is probably my last post for 2017.

I am so thankful for my amazing job at the Board of Nursing. It’s one of the many positives things that happened in 2017.

Abbie turned the whopping ONE.

Baby daddy actually stuck around.

He got married…

I almost got married and then my mind finally clicked.

But most of all between those good and bad things I am most happy and thankful for my beautiful Abigail.

It’s been a year since I started getting myself back.

One thought on “‘Tis the Season.

  1. What a beautiful child. May this be an amazing year, never forget how priceless you are and that you have a purpose. It sounds like maybe a purpose to serve others..Whatever that purpose is go for it


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