Hello guys.

2018 has started with a BANG!!


I decided to add onto my already busy schedule with getting my bachelors in criminal justice. I’m going online at Southern New Hampshire University which they are amazing.

I’m excited about the possibilities of where my degree could take me.

I found Abbie an amazing daycare and she loves every moment of it. She’s down the road from me so it makes me feel good to know she’s right there if something was to happen.

It really teaches her so many things and stuff that’s personally picked for her for what she’s struggling with.

A couple of my best friends are getting married and I’m so excited.

I’m making 2018 my year.

Weight loss. School. Being a mom. Work. I have big plans for me and my little.

Trying to find a time to date has been interesting tho. Maybe one day.

We have been having snow here lately so me and Abbie have been staying warm.

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