To My Abbie.

I imagine I’ll have so many dear Abbie post.


You’re laying right beside me so cute and so sweet. Sleeping the night away already. You might be spoiled and very ornery but you’re my girl.

The way you smile at me. The giggles we share. The itsy bitsey spider jingles we do. They will last forever and forever.

You’re so small and so amazing yet so tall and so go getting. Nothing will ever stand in your way

I’m so happy god gave me you. From the annoyed looks and tears when I say no to something you think you need to the smiles I get when I tickle you to turn those tears into cheer.

I dont know what I am going to do as these years pass and go. You’ll grow older. Wiser. Stronger.

You’ll do amazing things and maybe change the world.

But tonight right here right now you’re my sweet little girl.

Forever and always..

My Abbie.

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