Motivate Meee!

Okay so there’s a song by Good Charlotte (first album) called motivate me and it’s been stuck in my head hence the name of today’s blog.


Officially officially like I actually did it. I gave up on dating.

It’s too much for right now.

I have school, a full time job, and a toddler. Why was I trying to find something else to make my life more hectic than it already is. Or should I say someone.

I have been trying for months to try to date and find someone reasonable but nothing is sparking or if I get interested he turns out to be my best friend.

Anyways. Time to get on track with weight loss. That’s where I’ll put all this random non extra energy into.

Because trust me I need too!

Maybe I’ve already met the someone I’m suppose to end up with but maybe they or we don’t realize it yet.

But that’s just wishful thinking.

I got up earlier than needed because my daughter actually slept all night.

She’s had a double ear infection here lately and it has not been fun! Fever after fever. No sleep. It’s been crazy.

Her father recently came in for a visit and that helped out a lot!

It’s board week at work! And I applied for a promotion. Let’s hope it all turns out good.


Yes yes yes! I am so in our JOY!

Time to get ready for work and someone ready for daycare.

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